The Specialized Master in "Web Technologies and Cyber Security", in partnership with Mines-Télécom, aims to develop skills that can support the development of the information and communication technologies sector.

The program covers the following topics:

  • The complexity of the techniques related to the WEB
  • The size, heterogeneity and complexity of business networks
  • New uses of the Web and Cyber Security
  • Securing business networks
  • Securingwebsites.

The Specialized Master's Degree trains specialists in Web technologies, able to design, manage services, secure information systems and secure Web sites correctly by mastering emerging WEB technologies.

Access terms

The candidates coming from the public or private establishmentsafterfile selection and interview must have a:

  • Baccalauréat +5 or higher
  • Engineering degree or equivalent
  • DEA, DESA, DESS, Masters and Specialized Masters
  • Bac + 4 degree with 3 years of professional experience
  • Bac + 4 degree without professional experience (maximum 30% of the promotion)
  • L3 diploma justifying an adapted experience of at least 3 years (maximum 10% of the L3 and VAP training)
  • Title registered in the National Directory and Professional Certification level 2 justifying an adapted experience of 3 years minimum
  • Validation of Professional Acquisitions (maximum 10% of the training staff)

In exceptional cases, exceptions may be granted by the Selection Board to candidates who do not meet the above criteria, but do not exceed 30% of the candidates admitted to the Master's Degree.

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