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 Placement periods abroad



Mobility is within INPT's vision. Lecturers and students are encouraged to gain experience abroad. in this respect, third year students are offered the opportunity to have final year at  Institutions like telecommunications sud Paris). INPT has extended its partnership to Spain : Polytechnic Madrid , the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Lebanon, ....and Malysia: Multimedia University.


The INPT is firmly placed in the field of competition and international integration, conducting promotion actions for the School. This dynamic is mainly reflected in the signing of two agreements in 2007 the first one with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and the second one with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The main objective of this initiative aims to prepare the mobility of students.




 Foreign Languages


English :


Enhanced by modern networks of communication, English has gained the status of the communication tool par excellence. Linguistic competence is important given the extreme professional demand; our main goal at INPT is to encourage cultural diversity. 


Level test :


After a written level test and an oral test of 10 minutes, the first year students are divided into groups corresponding to their level of entry. The goal is to create homogeneous classes.


The engineering curriculum:


PSE1: Students are required to develop the four skills namely: reading, listening and writing through exercises. The oral participation remains privileged to build up the confidence of our engineering students. The topics discussed include history, literature, environment, economics and the arts.


PSE2 : Teaching is oriented to English specialties: Business English, English for telecommunications, services and industry as well as the legal ,economic, and societal aspects.


PSE3 : In the third year, the emphasis is on personal development, mastery of communication skills and preparation for the international test, TOEIC, that must be submitted with a score of 750.




Semester1 : General revision to awaken and revitalize the dormant languages.

Semester2 : Deepening certain grammar points. Working on listening and reading. Text editing, cover letter, CV Semester 3 : Public speaking training. Working on the specificities of scientific discourses (genres) Writing short scientific texts. Presentation linked to a field of research.





Strengthening courses and tutoring sessions are held 3 times per week so that students could overcome their linguistic difficulties.


Our Assets:


Enthusiastic and qualified teachers  

Homogenous small groups

Innovative methods




INPT has developed a network of partnerships with international graduate schools and universities:  

Telecom Sud Paris,

Telecom Bretagne,


ENSI de Bourges,

Telecom Saint Etienne.

Politecnica Madrid

International University of Barcelona.

International University of Lebanon, Multimedia University


The objective is to enable our students to live a study experience abroad and hence pass the third year of their curriculum in a foreign country.



Students’ testimonies:


M. SAAD SABOUNI: " My third year at Telecom Bretagne has been very rewarding at all levels. The subjects offered are varied. Community life in a highly multicultural environment. Such experience has allowed me to broaden my outlook.Now I am well prepared for future.     


Ms INTISSAR HAMIDI: «My third year at TELECOM SUDPARIS Option services ishas been enriching. This opportunity has allowed me to develop a spirit of openness and benefit from a training adapts to ongoing revolutions in the field of telecommunications.  


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