Cycle d'ingénieur

Se déclinant sur trois années, le cursus nouvellement mis en place par l’INPT vient répondre à la problématique de former un ingénieur dans un champ d’action qui devient de plus en plus imprévisible.


Formation continue

La Formation Continue des fonctionnaires et agents de l'Etat marque une étape importante dans ce domaine, dans la mesure où il vise la mise en place d'une démarche cohérente qui repose sur la définition d'une stratégie globale de gestion des compétences pour le développement des ressources humaines.


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Innovation & AMOA Meetings: “Digital Innovation & Business Transformations”, from January 8thto 10th, 2020 at INPT

As part of the pedagogical and scientific activities of the Innovation Engineer & AMOA program, the teachers will organize on 8th, 9thand 10thJanuary at the INPT, the “AMOA & Innovation Meetings” event on the theme: “Digital Innovation & Business Transformations”. This event will involve national and international professionals and specialists in the digital field, and will constitute a privileged space of exchange in order to create opportunities for future collaborations with economic actors around the following themes: Business intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics CRM, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing Digital transformation, Fintech, AgriTech, Me...

Erasmus + KA107: Mobility of INPT staff

.   The University of Cantabria in Spain is launching a call for applications in favor of the teaching and administrative staff of the INPT, in order to provide 5 days courses at the UC and to participate in the annual staff week organized by the UC as well. For more information, visit the link below:   Link ...

Extension of registrations: Call for applications for the selection of doctoral candidates

The INPT’s CEDOC 2TI is launching the call for applications for the selection of doctoral students in Telecoms and Information Technology. Registration is open from November 12thto 15th, 2019. Before starting the online registration, the candidate must have the digital format of the following documents (in Pdf format) in a single zipped folderwith his first and family name. 1) CV named as the following example: surname-first name-CV (ALAMI-mehdi-CV) 2) "Diploma giving access to doctoral training (Engineer, master and equivalent)"; or "Certificate of success of diploma giving access to doctoral training for candidates who have not been delivered the diploma yet”. The f...

Student Life

Studying at the INPT also means benefiting from its pedagogical, athletic and residential infrastructure.

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Companies Space

The INPT relays your offers to our students and in order to help you recruit the ideal profile for the position to be filled :

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Key dates and numbers

25 th Promotion already!

The INPT is the only Moroccan engineering school offering an environment which combines advanced digital education, opening up to the world and personal development of the countr...

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At the INPT, you have the chance to combine engineering and management skills. The versatility of Engineer-manager is real. Apart from engineering programs, you have a variety of...

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SASSA Giquel Therance

Once I succeeded the preparatory class contest, I found myself in a dilemma of choosing between different schools. After several recommendations, I finally decided to join th...

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