Key dates and numbers

Key dates

1913: Creation of the Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Office
1956: Promulgation of the ONPTT in ministry
1961: Creation of the PTT school, an inseparable emblem from the foundation of the telecom sector
1964: First promotion of application engineers
1979: Inauguration of the new premises of the INPT in Madinat Al Irfane
1984: Creation of the ONPT (National Office of Post and Telecommunications) whose institute became a direction
1991: Launch of the cycle of state engineers
1994: First promotion of state engineers
1998: Creation of the ANRT in application of Act No. 24-96 on postal and telecommunications
1998: attached to the ANRT, the INPT becomes a direction of the ANRT
2002: First promotion of qualified training
2004: Launch of the "TW3S" Master
2005: Participation in the "10 000 engineers" project
2005: Launch of the "Telecom Manager" Master
2006: Launch of the TSRS Master
2008: Participation of the INPT in the conference of the French“Grandesécoles”
2011: 50th anniversary of the INPT
2012: Launch of the CEDOC 2TI doctoral school
2014: Accreditation of new INPT programs
2018: Launch of  “Go Digital”  initiative GoDigital by INPT

Key numbers

The INPT counts:

  • 25th promotion of state engineers

  • 7 training courses

  • 7 research teams

  • 63 administrative and technical staff

  • 131 teachers (including 63 permanent)

  • More than 2,600 graduate state engineers

  • 264 new State Engineer students in Telecoms and Information Technology (in 2018-2019)

  • 772 engineering students enrolled in the engineering cycle, all levels combined

  • 295 girl engineers

  • 477 boy engineers

  • 62 mobility students every year

  • 50 students enrolled in the master

  • 148 PhD students

  • 78% of graduates obtained their first job after the first 3 months and 96% after 9 months.


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