A rich and diversified curriculum

In parallel with the development of solid scientific and technical skills leading to the art of solving complex problems, the INPT aims to inculcate to the future engineers the spirit of leadership. To do this, we encourage them to develop their knowledge of the business world and their capacities in project management and team-work, combined with good communication skills and a dynamic after school program, friendly and event-rich life on our campus.

Development of scientific, technical and managerial skills

In order to promote the integration of its laureates into society as a whole, INPT has adopted a new pedagogical approach which consists of meeting the challenges and responding to the needs of companies in terms of interactivity, expertise and soft skills regarding the engineering students.

International Mobility

The INPT favors international mobility during the student engineer curriculum in different forms:

  •  Continuing the 3rd year in a partner school ;
  •  Pursuing a dual degree program or a Master's degree ;
  •  Completing an internship at a partner school or university.

Future Jobs

Due to its curriculum, the INPT guarantees its graduates a professional insertion in all sectors of activity, as well as an evolution to positions of leaders and decisions makers.
The most prized professions by our graduates are those related to Telecom and IT, specifically the following specialties:

  • Data Engineer
  • Digital Services Development Engineer
  • Digital Systems & Services Engineer
  • Smart Information and Communication Technology  - Smart ICT Engineer
  • Cloud and IoT Engineer
  • Digital Security Engineer
  • Innovation and  AMOA Engineer

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