In order to establish its educational project, the INPT has the support of the professional sphere. It supports and accomplishes the training of engineering students.

Day by day, the network of the INPT partners extends. Our partners are involved at different levels, including:

  • Integrating trainees;
  • Intervening in education;
  • Encouraging research projects;
  • Participating in juries of projects and memory defenses;
  • Recruiting young graduates;
  • Serving on the Board of the Establishment.

The partnerships set up by the INPT enable companies to:

  •  Engage in the training of engineers;
  •  Participate in the pedagogical orientation of the engineer training so that it matches employment;
  •  Develop privileged relations with engineering students, future professionals of the sector.

They allow students and teachers of the school to:

• Better discover the sectors in which they operate;

• Be open to the world of business;

• Seek opportunities for internships and jobs.


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