Within the context of its South-South cooperation agreements, the INPT receives international students as well as executives from public administrations or public organizations in Africa.

The school offers them the opportunity to integrate the state engineer cycle in order to learn about the evolution of the telecommunications and information technology sectors but also to open up career perspectives within their organization.

What to do before coming to the INPT?

4% of the total number of INPT students is composed of foreign students, mainly from African countries (Guinea, Benin, Mali, Burkina ...). These students are guided as soon as they enter the INPT. They regularly organize various cultural and athletic activities. If you wish to study at the INPT, here is a brief summary of the steps to be taken as well as some additional information.

To study at the INPT, it is necessary to:

Have a residence permit.

The residence permit is compulsory in Morocco.

To obtain it: you need to go to the central police station affiliated to your place of residence before the expiry of your entry visa (3 months), provided with the following documents:

• Certified photocopy of the passport

• 8 passport photos

• Certificate of school enrollment

• Certificate of acceptance of your embassy in Morocco

• Lease agreement

• 60 DhsStamp

How much do I need to live in Morocco?

Generally, INPT students benefit from a residence roomas well as catering within the school campus at a nominal fee.

How to get your money?

To receive your money quickly and safely, you can contact one of the following agencies:

Western Union :

Simply contact the sender abroad; Ask them to deposit the money in a Western Union agency. Then, with a piece of identification, you just have to fill in a simple form to receive the moneyat one of POSTE MAROC's post offices: your money will finally be sent by the correspondent and will be delivered in a few minutes.

Bank Transfer

You can also receive your money by bank transfer by opening an account in a Moroccan bank. For this, you need:

• 1 certified photocopy of your residence permit

• 4 passport photos

• An amount of money of 5,000.00 Dhs (About 500 Euros)

Near the school

The INPT is located within Madinat Al Irfane, a district that brings together a number of universities and renowned schools in Rabat. In the center of this neighborhood, and just a short walk from the INPT, there are multiple shops, snack bars and even a pharmacy.

  • Transport :

The INPT is located in a region that is reachable by buses, taxis and soon by the tramway of the city of Rabat

  • Activities in Rabat

Rabat offers you a multitude of places of distraction, cultural centers, sports clubs, theaters, cinema...

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