INPT: Engineers of an international dimension

Being mobile, multilingual and familiar with other cultures, is what makes the difference today in an engineering career. This is how the INPT is committed to develop the cultural and intellectual mobility of its students.
This mobility takes place within the exchange agreements with INPT partner universities and schools. Students in the 2nd year of the engineering cycle apply for the exchange programs offered by our partner establishments which offer them the opportunity to spend one or two years of study, to validate the 3rd year of their course and / or choose a master or a double degree program.

Exchange semesters

It is about studying a semester or a year in a foreign university / school, in the same discipline as that chosen at the INPT. There must be an active agreement open to mobility (student exchange protocol) between the INPT and the partner institution.
The academic stay can start from the 5th semester. Students on simple mobility remain registered at the INPT, and before their departure abroad, they must draw up and validate an educational contract. This period of study at the host institution replaces a period comparable to the INPT.
Only candidates selected by INPT and accepted by partner establishments can go on mobility. Multiple criteria are taken into account for the selection: academic record, classification, attendance, motivation and linguistic knowledge.

Double diploma

A double-degree course allows our engineering students to obtain the diploma from partner institutions, in addition to the state engineer diploma from the INPT.
Every year, several INPT students go on a study trip, in order to obtain a double degree, in a foreign university or school that has signed a double diploma agreement with the INPT.
At the end of the 2nd year, students choose a course consistent with their skills. The exchange period varies, depending on the agreement, between 3 to 4 semesters of study to benefit from the diploma of the host institution. One semester of this period is entirely devoted to the realization of a PFE.
A long-term stay in a foreign country allows you to soak up the local culture and master the language while preparing 2 diplomas. Thus, the double diploma ensures the complementarity of two courses of excellence.

Internships abroad

The INPT students can, at their request, carry out several types of internship during their curriculum: internships in laboratories, companies or international organizations. It permits them to acquire professional experience in a context of cultural openness.
While searching for their internship, students benefit from the relationships that INPT teacher-researchers have with their counterparts abroad. Every student on an internship abroad is supervised by a teacher who assumes the role of tutor.
Internships abroad are subject to an internship agreement, drawn up between the student, the company and the INPT and handed over to the internship department before departure.

Personalized follow-up

Mobility students are guided in the preparation of their stay, their choice of training and the preparation of their application (administrative aspects, funding, etc.). They are also put in contact with students who are or have been in the university or foreign school.
The teams of Studies Department and International Relationship provide engineering students with all the necessary information to carry out their projects and manage some international mobility scholarship files.

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