ANRT, INPT's supervisory agency

The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) is responsible for training, research and expertise. It is responsible for initial and continuing training in the fields of telecommunications, information and communication technologies as well as related disciplines.

This mission also revolves around scientific and technical research as well as any other form of training made necessary in the light of the general environment or of cyclical circumstances.

The purpose of these training courses is to disseminate knowledge and integrate the laureates into the business world.

The INPT is an institution of higher education, attached to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) by Law 24-96 on Post and Telecommunications.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) is the public institution responsible for regulating the telecommunications sector in Morocco. It is instituted in regards of the Head of Government and has legal personality and financial autonomy.

Created in February 1998, pursuant to Act No. 24-96 on postal services and telecommunications, The ANRT's role is supplemented by Law No. 55 01, which sets out its legal, economic and technical missions as well as by the Act No. 24-96, which sets out the general outlines of the reorganization, modernization and development of the telecommunications sector.

In this context, the ANRT ensures that the rules of fair and healthy competition between market players are respected. The Agency also guarantees the generalization of access to services and the creation of a legal environment conducive to the development of the sector. According to the texts governing its activities, the ANRT / INPT also contribute to the training of skills for the telecommunications and information technology sector in the Kingdom, through its particular interest in the training programs provided.

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