The INPT training program requires students to gain experience through the partner companies. In other words, the engineering students will likely undergo:

• An entry-level internship in the first year,

• A technical internship in the second year

• The Graduation Project (PFE) in the third year.

Internship management:

An entry-level internship (4 to 8 weeks) in the first year aims to:

  • Understand the overall functioning of a company/organization and its environment;

The technical course (4 to 8 weeks) in the second year, aims to:

  • Put into practice the knowledge acquired during the course  of the INE program;
  • Acquire skills in order to respond to a technical subject that must be carried out under the supervision of a tutor;

The Graduation Project (4 months) in the third year aims to:

  • Consolidate all the knowledge acquired during the engineering program;
  • Write a thesis, clearly present the results achieved in front of a jury;

Graduate recruitment:

The graduates of the INPT are generally recruited by partner companies in different sectors of activity. Note that the majority of job offers emanate from IT or telecom services companies, manufacturers, operators and others.

The internship management and the Graduation Project follow-ups are realized under the guidance of the office of Internships and Business Relationships.


Mr. Aziz Hilali
Assistant Director of Internships and Business Relations
Phone : 05 38 00 27 60
Fax : 05 37 77 30 44
Mobile: 06 61 40 15 15
E-mail : hilali@inpt.ac.ma

Head of Internship and Business Relations Department
Careers & partnerships
Phone : 05 38 00 27 65
Fax : 05 37 77 30 44
E-mail : ilham@inpt.ac.ma


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