Nowadays, continuing training is of great importance in the development of competences, it is an upgrading action for senior managers whose main objective is to strengthen their Managerial skills and the development of their professional expertise. In addition, continuing education is a strategic focus of the public sector modernization program, which is one of the priorities of the government program.

In this context, The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, with its many achievements and fruitful partnership in the field of continuing education, has accumulated a great deal of experience in the field of engineeringtraining. In this regard, it has developed concrete training programs that take into account the real needs of the administration, responding to the expectations of beneficiaries of different profiles, and advocating the development of knowledge andexpertise in conformity with the requirements of the sectoral strategies of the various concerned ministerial departments.


To this end, the INPT is at the disposal of public administrations and public institutions to accompany them, according to their needs and their training plans, in the various processes of implementation of the programs they plan to organize for the benefit of their executives.

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