Smart Information and Communication Technology  - Smart ICT Engineer
Department of Smart  ICT Engineering « Smart Information and Communication Technology Engineering»


The Smart ICT Engineer designs, plans, develops and implements the architectures, platforms and technical and technological solutions of modern intelligent telecommunications networks, in accordance with the needs and the strategy...Lire plus


The skills to be acquired were envisaged and designed to allow the student to integrate into the professional world, while meeting needs in training in terms of interactivity, know-how and skills.....Lire plus

  Career opportunities

The multidisciplinary training acquired at the INPT, focuses on learning innovation and creativity. It provides graduates with intellectual assets and adaptive capacities that allow them to land different jobs.......Lire plus


The training is organized in three semesters (S1, S2, S3) allowing to provide all engineering students of the program with a solid background in scientific and technical tools. At the end of the two semesters S4 and S5......Lire plus

Department coordinator :
Phone : +212 538 00 27 50

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