Every year, the INPT and its students organize a range of events enabling the school to shine in its environment.

For each of our students, training at INPT is the first step in their professional career. Initial engineering training, internships as well as personal experiences of students contribute to the development of their career plan and allow them a rapid integration into the working world.

The diplomas of INPT make it possible to integrate careers in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology but also to offer opportunities in many other sectors.

For each program, here are some highly sought after jobs by INPT laureates:

Advanced Software Engineering for Digital Services

  • Software Designer-Developer
  • Study and development engineer
  • Software architect

Data Engineer

  • Analyst / Architect / Administrator in Business Intelligence
  • Analyst / Architect / Administrator in Big data
  • BI Analyst

Cloud and IoT Engineer

  • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Administration Engineer
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer

Digital Security Engineer

  • Digital Confidence Engineer
  • Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Network and Systems Security Engineer

Innovation & AMOA Engineer

  • AMOA BI consultant
  • AMOA Consultant in Organization and Information Systems
  • AMOA Consultant in Marketing Information Systems

Smart ICT Engineer

  • Smart ICT engineer
  • Network and services infrastructure engineer
  • Communication Systems Engineer

Digital Systems and Services Engineer

  • Embedded systems development engineer
  • IoT services Engineer
  • Automotive electronics Engineer


Association of laureates

Horizon Telecom is the Association of INPT laureates engineers. The goal of this association is to create a link between the laureates and the engineering students of the INPT. It implements a range of support actions for students undergoing training and conducts studies particularly about the integration of the school’s laureates into working life.

Founded in 2000, the association has more than 900 members plus 150 new graduates every year.


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