The Student Office (SO) is the association that manages the life of INPT students. It organizes the social, cultural, sporting and artistic activities that animate the campus life.

The different organized extracurricular activities allow the student-engineers to develop the skills of management, teamwork and communication which are necessary for the development of their personal skills.

How does it work?

As a part of the Student Office, INPT engineering students adhere to a selection of clubs. Throughout the school year, they regularly organize, both internally and externally, events such as the National Days of Young Developers, English Cultural Days, the Forum GENI, and many others. They also participate in international events such as ACM, SIFE, etc....


 Horizon Telecom Association


The Moroccan Association of Information and Communication Technologies (AMTIC)

Is a national association which aims to create a framework for exchange, collaboration and proposal in order to promote local and regional initiatives and Morocco’s influence through scientific and technical research in the ICT sector.


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