The INPT put companies at the heart of its educational system and develops privileged relationships with the professional world, both nationally and internationally. For this reason, the school continuously organizes thematic meetings in favor of its students allowing them to discover the working world, to exchange about future jobs and to seek end-of-studies internships’ opportunities and recruitment offers.
Business thursdays :
The companies met remotely in 2020 and 2021
Open Doors Day  (ODD)
As part of training, the INPT facilitates the organization of company visits in order to introduce engineering students to some technologies and professions related to digital and information technologies. This year, several partners opened their doors to our students, namely: The "Get2Know DXC" from DXC technology, the "JOB DATING" from CEGEDIM or the jobs day organized together with the INPT teachers and Lear Corporation.

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