At the request of companies, the INPT can proceed to the creation of specific training courses.

Our "tailor made" training allows companies to customize and adapt the training content according to their needs.


The advantages of the "tailor made" courses:

  • Tailor-made training sessions are scheduled according to the client's needs: they can be scheduled during the evening and over weekends;
  • They benefit from a personalized approach: practical cases specific to the sector of activity or to the company itself (while ensuring confidentiality) can be proposed;
  • They may be provided at the company's offices or at any other place (hotel, conference room, etc.) proposed by the Company; Or on the premises of the INPT;
  • Tailor made training is often more advantageous when a sufficient number of participants (5 or more) of the same company wish to attend a course of the same level at the same time.


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