Development of smart metering and Energy Management System in Morocco
Project objective :
The suggested project aims to reduce energy demand in Morocco by developing a state-of-the-art energy management system for a hybrid renewable energy micro-grid covering three essential sectors, namely residential, tertiary and industrial.
Contact: ahouzi@inpt.ac.ma
Partners:    INPT, Al Akhawayn University
Project duration:    3 years
End to End Energy Efficiency Living Lab
Project objective :
This project aims to develop a Living Lab around an intelligent energy network "Smart Grid" to develop and test technological solutions to improve energy efficiency.

Contact : chami@inpt.ac.ma
Partners :    INPT, UH2C-ENSEM, ENSAM, EST Fes, GreenTIC Association
Project duration :    3 years
INPT Smart Microgrid (INPTSMG)
Project objective:
This project aims to set up the first operational installation of a smart MicroGrid at a university institute. It involves developing an intelligent electrical network consisting of the distribution network, solar panels, storage batteries, and a centralized intelligent controller.
Contact : tamtaoui@inpt.ac.ma
Partners:    Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development
Project duration:    14 months
Resilient Geolocation of Vehicles in a Smart City Using Low-Cost Arduino / Raspberry Wireless Sensor Networks and Machine Learning
Project objective :
The main objective of this project is establishing advantageous relationships and exchanging knowledge between Moroccan and Italian partners, in order to contribute to sustainable development in the field of intelligent transport systems, more particularly in robust and low cost localization of cars.
Contact : benmaissa@inpt.ac.ma
Partners:    INPT, Milan Polytechnic School, Italy
Duration:    2 years
Smart Energy Optimizer
Project objective :
SEO Project (Smart Energy Optimizer): the project aims to develop a reliable, profitable and secure smart grid infrastructure to integrate distributed energy resources mainly from renewable energies, energy storage systems and demand/reply management. This system will continue in real time the energy demand curve, making it possible to optimize production from renewable energy sources. The results will be adapted according to the specificities of each region of Morocco and based on the collected data. A consumption forecast system will be implemented using the neural network and genetic algorithms.
Contact : chaoub@inpt.ac.ma
Duration :    36 months


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