The CEDOC 2TI Structure :

The CEDOC 2TI of the INPT is governed by the following entities:
  • A council which sits at least twice a year in order to ratify important decisions about the good management of CEDOC;
  • Two commissions: The thesis commission and the complementary training commission.

1. Members of CEDOC 2 TI Council:

The CEDOC 2 TI Councilis organized as follows:
1.1. Members of the establishment:
  • The INPT director;
  • The Deputy Director of Research &CEDOC director;
  • The Heads of Departments;
  • The Heads of research teams.
1.2 External members:
  • The Director of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST);
  • AbdeljaouadBenhaddou (Lydec - Casablanca) :Doctor in applied computer science, Director of Information Systems at Lydec.
1.3. PhD Students:
  • Two representatives of CEDOC 2TI doctoral students
The main missions of the board are summed up as follows:
  • The selection of doctoral students;
  • Scientific and educational supervision of doctoral students;
  • The distribution of resources allocated to the center;
  • The submission of scholarships to candidates;
  • The supervision of students and their professional insertion;
  • Monitoring the different activities of the center.

2. Council Commission of CEDOC :

a. Thesis commission:
The thesis commission is composed by  the Director of the CEDOC who is its President, the Heads of the research teams and the Heads of Departments; its main missions are:
  • The selection of the doctoral candidates;
  • The study of the annual reports of doctoral students for their re-enrollment;
  • The choice of rapporteurs to survey thesis dissertations;
  • Permit of thesis defense;
  • The designation of scientific experts for the validation of a research work inducing discussion.
b. The complementary training commission:
The complementary training commission ensures the following missions:
  • Organization and monitoring of complementary training;
  • Monitoring of partnership with the socio-economic sector;
  • Validation of complementary training.

3. Research teams & laboratory


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