Documentation Center Introduction:

The Documentation Center is a place of information, reception, exchange and communication, with about 800 m² of premises divided into three areas:

• A reading room;

• A space reserved for the fund, books and multimedia;

• A space for periodic funds, reports, graduation projects and other publications.

Missions and objectives:

The Documentation Center (DC) is in charge of selecting, processing, organizing and disseminating all the documentation acquired through purchases, donations or exchanges

Its goal is to :

• Develop, suggest and conduct the policy of development and the acquisition of collections for research and teaching,

• Disseminate the scientific and technical information produced by the Institute,

• Ensure the development of new tools, for the evolution and enrichment of the documentary database.


The DC's library is, both multidisciplinary and specialized in new technologies and it comes in various media (books, encyclopedias, periodicals, topographic maps, floppy disks, CD ROMs, audio and video cassettes, etc.).

It provides users with a range of products and services covering the following areas:

• IT and Telecommunications,

• Electronics,

• Mathematics,

• Engineering sciences,

• Management, Marketing and Finance,

• General culture and leisure (novels …).

Offered services:

In addition to its documentary resources, the DC offers specific services:

• Access to books, newspapers and magazines on the spot in the reading room, free access to the Institute's documentary database (simple research or expert research),

• Intranet document search,

• Consultation of selected CD-ROMs and other databases (on request),

• Documentary advice and research assistance,

• Lending of documents,

• Training in information retrieval,

• Provision of documents that do not exist on Exlibris,

• Personalized help with information retrieval.

Documentary products:

The DC provides its users with a number of Catalogs:

• Library catalog: The catalog brings together the documentary collections from the documentation center of the INPT (Books, periodicals, multimedia ...),

• Publications: Material information sheets on in-house publications (graduation projects, Theses, reports ...),

• External catalogs: Catalogs of bibliographic funds covering areas of interest to readers,

• Summaries: periodic newsletters containing all the summaries of the latest issues of the journals acquired by the CDA.

Electronic Resources:

The electronic resources are accessible from the INPT (intranet access), but also outside the INPT (Extranet access, in progress):

Intranet access: Online consultation, without password, from any computer connected to the INPT network.


  • Complete Computers & Applied Sciences,
  • Sales and Management,
  • The ENI Digital Library,
  • IGI Global - ebooks,
  • Direct Science,
  • JSTOR,
  • Scopus
  • Engineering techniques.

Electronic journals:

  • International journal of RF. And Microwave computer-aided engineering
  • International journal of communication system
  • International journal of satellite communication and networking
  • Networks: An international journal
  • French Journal of Management
  • Optical engineering
  • Telecoms annals
  • European transactions on telecommunications

The documentary portal:

• Our documentary portal is a gateway to all the resources and services offered by the documentation center:

• Resources produced in-house (e.g catalog of the library)

• Resources purchased from specialized suppliers (e.g databases and specialized journals)

• free resources available on the web and selected by librarians (e.g dictionaries and glossaries)

• The PMB online catalog: https://portaildoc.inpt.ac.ma


The DC is at the service of students, teachers, administrative staff, INPT graduates, researchers (teachers and students), operators and telecommunications companies. Generally, the public of the center is composed of:

• Internal users: teachers, students and administrators of the Institute,

• External users: teachers, researchers, participants in continuing education and students from other partner institutions.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 00:00

Saturday: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


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