The INPT training program requires students to integrate partner companies. With this said, engineering students are required to:
  • A worker internship in the 1styear,
  • A technical internship in the 2ndyear,
  • The end-of-studies project in the 3rdyear.
Internship management
The worker internship (4 to 8 weeks) in the first year, aims to:
  • Understand the overall functioning of a company and its environment;
The technical internship (4 to 8 weeks) in the second year, aims to:
  • Put into practice the knowledge acquired during the INE cycle curriculum;
  • Acquire skills to respond to a technical problematic which must be carried out under the supervision of a tutor;
The end-of-studies project (4 months) in the 3rd year, aims to:
  • Capitalize the knowledge acquired during the engineering cycle;
  • Write a thesis, present it and clearly explain achieved results in front of a jury.
Laureates’ recruitment
The INPT laureates are often recruited by partner companies who have had various career opportunities since the end-of-studies project.Note that the majority of job offers were from IT service companies, manufacturers, telecom operators, banks and many others.

The internship management and end-of-studies projects' supervision is done under the Internships and Business Relations Direction.
Internships and business relations
Direct    : 05 38 00 27 65
Fax       : 05 37 77 30 44
E-mail    : b.samira@inpt.ac.ma

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