Throughout their academic career, students are initiated to the working world through various internships.Future engineers are required to complete a worker internship in the first year (4 to 8 weeks), a technical internship in the second year (4 to 8 weeks) and finally an end-of-studies project internship in the third year (from 4 months to 6 months).

The goals of this professional traineeship are:
  •  Understand the overall functioning of a company and its environment;
  •  Put into practice the knowledgeacquired during the INE cycle curriculum;
  •  Acquire skills to respond to a technical problematic which must be carried out under the supervision of a tutor;
  •  Capitalize the knowledge acquired during the engineering cycle;
  •  Write a thesis, present it and clearly explain achieved results in front of a jury.
The internship themes vary according to the engineering programs and depending on demand. In that sense, the INPT spares no effort to help its students find opportunities suited to the programs offered.

In 2017, 134 end-of-studies projects have been accomplished (monomials and pairs) whose themes can be represented in the following cloud:

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