The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) is a public establishment of higher education which is attached to the National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT) by law No. 1-97-162 of Rabii II 2nd, 1418 (August 7th, 1997), as it has been modified and completed, notably its article No. 107. The institute is also regulated by Decree No. 2-11-82 of Ramadan 7th, 1432 (August 8th, 2011) about the reorganisation of the establishment.

The INPT mission combines education, research and expertise through basic and continuing training in telecommunications, information and communication technologies and related fields. It also includes technical and scientific research as well as any other form of necessary education regarding the general environment or economic circumstances.

The programs aim, on one hand, the promotion and dissemination of knowledge, and on the other hand, the integration of young engineers into working life.
The institute’s courses are based on principles stated by law No. 01-00 about higher education, enacted by Decree No. 1-00-199 of Safar 15th, 1421 (May 19th, 2000).

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