INPT's strategy in terms of Research and Development is based on partnerships. The various research collaborations are of three types:
  • Collaboration with poles and associations.
  • Collaboration with teaching and research institutions mainly in Morocco, France, Spain, Canada, Italy and Tunisia.
  • Collaboration with companies, telecommunications operators and large groups.

These partnerships allowed INPT to set up several large-scale Research and Development projects in relevant subjects (Mobile Radio Systems, Network Management, Multimedia Communication, Embedded Circuit Design, Energy Management, Smart Microgrid and Geolocation for Smart City).

Throughout international research projects and end-of-study internships for engineering and PhD students, INPT has developed a real network and a set of international partnerships based on research enabling its researchers to acquire a professional  know-how.
  • National academic partnerships
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  • International academic partnerships
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  • Industrial partnerships


  • Partnerships with associations and research centers

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