During their doctoral studies, the PhD students from CEDOC 2TI are required to follow series of training courses. The latter will allow them to refine their knowledge in their field of research.

Objectives of the complementary training:

The objectives of the doctoral training are multiple:

• Strengthening the knowledge of doctoral students in the fields of CEDOC 2TI;

• Training through research for the high-level PhD students with strong adaptability in order to integrate higher training institutions and emerging industries and companies in the field of telecommunications and information technologies;

• The acquisition of skills in regard of a recognized competence in the fundamental and applied research field regarding telecommunications and information technologies through the development of an original research;

• The development throughmultidisciplinary and the deepening of the laureates’scientific culture;

Organization of complementary training:

The INPT Doctoral Studies Center offers its PhD students a quality training course based on excellence. PhD students from CEDOC 2TI must pursue training modules and participate in scientific activities in order to complete their doctoral studies at the INPT. To this end, doctoral training at the INPT is based on a 200 hourly volume and is organized around three main axis:

The transversal modules include essential basic training for all PhD students. These modules will enable them to carry out their research work and develop transversal skills.

As for specific supplementary training, they are planned in agreement with the thesis supervisor and the doctoral research team, all according to their profile. Moreover, they are enriched according to the expectations of the doctoral training, the doctoral study center and the profile of doctoral students.

Duration of the complementary training:

The complementary training of doctoral students must total 200 hours in the all the modules of doctoral training.


The interveners of CEDOC 2TI are professors recognized in their field of activity and can be internal or external to the INPT.


The courses of the transverse modules can take place in a concentrated way over a few days or spread out over a long period. However, the presence of all PhD students is compulsory.

Other activities:

Other activities may be offered to doctoral students, in particular the participation in the organization of INPT scientific events and congresses.

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