AMOA and Innovation Engineer
Initially, the innovation and AMOA engineer plays the role of an entrepreneur, by carrying out a digital innovation project, through the creation of a start-up with high growth potential for the development of the digital ecosystem.

They can also play the role of an intrapreneur, by successfully carrying out digital transformation within a company. Their role consists in simultaneously integrating adapted technologies and a new digital culture within the company by providing innovative methodologies and associated change management. This coaching role can also be structured around an assistance function for the IT Services project owner. In this way, they convert the functional needs of a client into a technological solution, in accordance with the objectives of the professional field (accounting, human resources, logistics, sales, production, etc.) and the economic and logistical constraints. They discuss, with IT specialists, the components of a software tool and an application at every step of the design and implementation process, with the aim of benefiting the company and its end users.

Their actions are centered around a new approach, in which innovation, co-creation, analytical and intuitive thinking are at the disposal of their end customers, who allow them, to design the path and the user experience on any given platform according to the best norms and standards.

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